Kamiyama-cho, Myozai-gun, Tokushima
HENRO HOUSE Cotton Field share-house

To Reserve


Accommodation Plan: overnight stay without meals (dormitory for men and women)
Accommodation Fee: ¥4,400 in cash only
Address: 272 Nishi Uetsuno, Jinryo, Kamiyama-cho, Myozai-gun, Tokushima
Phone number: We will inform you by reception mail.
Access: 7 minutes walk from Uetsuno bus stop of Tokushima Bus
Nearest Numbered Temple: 10 kilometers from Shosan-ji, 12 th temple or 17 kilometers from Dainichi-ji, 13 th temple
Capacity (maximum number of guests): 4(up to 1 groups a day)
Facilities: washing machine (fee required), dryer (fee required), Wi-Fi, simple kitchen(shared), shower (200 yen / 5 minutes)
Nearby parking lot: available
Specialities: attached to a campground.
You can also bring your own tent (¥1,650~).
Kamiyama Onsen (one-day hot spring) is a 5 minutes walk from this house.
※Kamiyama Onsen is closed for renovation until the end of August 2024.
Notes: (1) There is no place to purchase food nearby.
(Cup noodles are available at the store in the reception area.)
(2) Navigation system directions may show a mountain road route over a mountain pass.
Please follow the road along Route 438 and come from the road next to Kamiyama Post Office. (About 350 meters from Kamiyama Post Office)
Please make reservations at least one day in advance.
Please contact us in advance if your check-in time is after 17:00.
Shops Nearby: 2 restaurants (restaurant in hot spring and yakiniku restaurant) within 10 minutes walking distance.
Reservation: Up to 1 day before
Check-In: From 2 pm
Check-Out: By 10 am (12:00 if staying in a tent)


Blue:Yes Vacancy|Yellow:No Vacancy|Gray:Holiday

* The number in the calendar is the number of people who can stay.