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Room Rates : ¥2,800
Staying overnight without meals
Henro-Houses are open from March to May and also September to November.
However, during the holiday periods when Henro-Houses are closed(June to August and also December to February), some houses receives guests, so please get in touch with us.
Advanced reservation is required when you make use of HENRO-HOUSE (by 3 o’clock p.m. on the very day of your stay.

Exclusive phone number for room reservation at HRNRO HOUSE :
TEL: 080-2985-8621(Reception hours 9 AM to 8 PM)

"O-HENRO HOUSE SHIKOKU 88 PROJECT (Houses for Shikoku 88 pilgrimage Project)"
is a "heartwarming project" which provides foreigners and youth with reasonable accommodations for O-Henro (Shikoku 88 pilgrims) and which would like them to consider their lives through O-Henro culture.

We would like to create new network bases for recreating New-Shikoku by utilizing vacant houses and rooms as accommodation for O-Henro.

  1. HENRO-HOUSE is membership-based, so please register your membership in advance.
    In case it is difficult for you to register your membership beforehand,you can do at each HENRO-HOUSE on the very day when you stay there.
  2. In HENRO-HOUSEs, you can learn a variety of Japanese culture through Henro-pilgrimage.
  3. The HENRO-HOUSE Project provides you with safe accommodations where you can enjoy yourself even if you are a woman travelling alone
  4. The people who make use of HENRO-HOUSE are a company who reconsider their lives through sharing the same house, and so should not be so-called guests.

Henro-House, in which youth from all over the world can interact one another, is a worldwide base for peace movement.

Let's enjoy your life slowly by taking detours, loitering or losing your way (getting lost on Henro way).

Authorized NPO, "New Start" office
(Web site)
E-MAIL: newstart@mua.biglobe.ne.jp
TEL: 047-307-3676

Exclusive phone number for room reservation at HRNRO HOUSE :
TEL: 080-2985-8621