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Be sure to read this before reserving Henro House

            “THE HENRO HOUSE SHIKOKU 88” Project is a “heartwarming” project which would provide foreign people and young people with accommodations for Henro (Shikoku 88 pilgrims) and which would like them to consider their lives through Henro culture, in the global Henro age.
            HENRO HOUSE, in which young people from around the world communicate with one another, is a base for world-peace movement.

            HENRO HOUSE Project is aiming at providing you with safe accommodations which is easy to use with reasonable prices for solo travelers.
            HENRO HOUSE is membership-based. The membership registration is free with no fees.
            People who uses HENRO HOUSE is a company who reconsider their lives together while sharing the same accommodation.

            Let’ s enjoy your life slowly by taking detours, loitering or getting lost on Henro way.

            Exclusive phone number for room reservation at HENRO HOUSE :
            TEL: 080-2985-8621
            (4 pm - 6 pm)
            Authorized NPO, "New Start" office
            (Web site)
            TEL: 047-307-3676