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Room Rates : ¥2,800
Staying overnight without meals
Henro-Houses are open from March to May and also September to November.
Advanced reservation is required when you make use of HENRO-HOUSE (by 3 o’clock p.m. on the very day of your stay.

Exclusive phone number for room reservation at HRNRO HOUSE :
TEL: 080-2985-8621(Reception hours 12 PM to 6 PM)

"O-HENRO HOUSE SHIKOKU 88 PROJECT (Houses for Shikoku 88 pilgrimage Project)"
is a "heartwarming project" which provides foreigners and youth with reasonable accommodations for O-Henro (Shikoku 88 pilgrims) and which would like them to consider their lives through O-Henro culture.

We would like to create new network bases for recreating New-Shikoku by utilizing vacant houses and rooms as accommodation for O-Henro.

  1. HENRO-HOUSE is membership-based, so please register your membership in advance.
    In case it is difficult for you to register your membership beforehand,you can do at each HENRO-HOUSE on the very day when you stay there.
  2. In HENRO-HOUSEs, you can learn a variety of Japanese culture through Henro-pilgrimage.
  3. The HENRO-HOUSE Project provides you with safe accommodations where you can enjoy yourself even if you are a woman travelling alone
  4. The people who make use of HENRO-HOUSE are a company who reconsider their lives through sharing the same house, and so should not be so-called guests.

Henro-House, in which youth from all over the world can interact one another, is a worldwide base for peace movement.

Let's enjoy your life slowly by taking detours, loitering or losing your way (getting lost on Henro way).

Authorized NPO, "New Start" office
(Web site)
E-MAIL: newstart@mua.biglobe.ne.jp
TEL: 047-307-3676

Exclusive phone number for room reservation at HRNRO HOUSE :
TEL: 080-2985-8621