Aki-city, Kochi,
HENRO HOUSE Mikeneko(G's Banana House)

To Reserve

Accommodation Plan: overnight stay without meals(No bedding)
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Accommodation Fee: ¥1,000 in cash only
Address: Address: 538-10, Ioki, Aki-city, Kochi
Phone number: We will inform you by reception mail.
Access: 1 minute walk from Ioki Station on Tosa Kuroshio Railway, Asa Line (Gomen-nahari Line)
Nearest Numbered Temple: 11 kilometers from Kounomine-ji, 27th temple and 27 kilometers from Dainichi-ji, 28th temple
Capacity (maximum number of guests): 6
Facilities: Washing-Machine, Microwave Oven, Hot water dispenser, Wi-Fi, Power supply or charging.
※The facilities of O-Henro House Mikeneko established together with Saien-ya are available to guests.
Nearby parking lot: available
Specialities: A sort of camping space using a plastic greenhouse.
Where guests can enjoy fantastic atmosphere by the lighting from trains coming or going every hour.
Notes: There is no bedding in the greenhouse.
Sleeping bags are needed because the temperature in the greenhouse in winter is the same as outdoor air temperature.
Guests must not use fire inside the greenhouse.
Guests should use their own cooking stove or so in the open space located on the west side of the greenhouse (No direct fire inside).
Shops Nearby: Here is a convenience store within 5 minutes' walk from the house.
Reservation: By 1 pm on the day of arrival
Check-In: From 4 pm
Check-Out: By 9 am


Blue:Yes Vacancy|Yellow:No Vacancy|Gray:Holiday

* The number in the calendar is the number of people who can stay.