Nabari-cho, Aki-gun, Kochi
HENROHOUSE Novel Pilgrimage Inn Karyogo

To Reserve


Accommodation Plan: overnight stay without meals (private room only)
Accommodation Fee: ¥5,000 in cash only
Address: 148-1 Koh, Nahari-cho, Aki-gun, Kochi
Phone number: We will inform you by reception mail.
Access: 200 m east from Karyogo Nishiguchi bus stop of Kochi Tobu-kotsu or 60 minutes’walk( 5 minutes by car・10 minutes by bus)from Nahari Station on Tosa Kuroshio Railway
Nearest Numbered Temple: about 16 kilometers from Kongocho-ji, 26 th temple or 14 kilometers to Konomine-ji, 27 th temple
Capacity (maximum number of guests): 4 (Only one group per day, completely reserved)
Facilities: Washing machine and high-function clothes dryer (¥500), hair dryer, microwave, electric kettle, refrigerator, air conditioner, high-function air purifier, desk, chair, Wi-Fi, TV, 2 double beds, 1 full size (small double) bed, 1 single bed
Nearby parking lot: available
Specialities: This is a one-group-only inn, so there are no other guests.
You will feel at home in the suite on the second floor, which is approximately 132 square meters.
The owner lives on the first floor, so please let us know if you have any requests, such as reservations for your next stay.
We will do our best to accommodate you.
We do not provide meals, but if you like, you can enjoy a cup of coffee made from freshly ground beans before you leave.
The sunset over Tosa Bay from the window is exceptional. Please come before evening.
A 15-minute drive away is a popular tourist destination, "Monet's Garden.
・After you have made your reservation, we welcome you to increase the number of guests up to 4 (please let us know before check-in).
・We will charge you full price for cancellations on the day of your reservation and half price for cancellations the day before.
・If you wish to extend your stay due to bad weather or your health condition, it is possible if there is room available.
Shops Nearby: There is a large supermarket, restaurants, and hot spring facilities around Nahari Station, a 10-minute bus ride away.
You can eat and bathe at Hotel Nahari, a 5-minute bus ride away.
If you use the washer/dryer and wish we will pick you up and drop you off at the supermarket.
Reservation: By 1 pm on the day of arrival
Check-In: From 4 pm
Check-Out: By 9 am


Blue:Yes Vacancy|Yellow:No Vacancy|Gray:Holiday

* The number in the calendar is the number of people who can stay.