Aki City, Kochi

To Reserve

Accommodation Plan: Stay overnight without meals
Accommodation Fee: ¥2,500
Address: 1393-8 Shimoyama Aki City, Kochi
Phone number: We will inform you by reception mail.
Access: 15 minutes’ walk from Shimoyama Station on Tosa Kuroshio Railway or 0 minute from a bus stop, Kono Higashi Iriguchi of Kochi Tobu Kotsu Bus
Nearest Numbered Temple: 8 kilometers from Konomine-ji 27 th temple or 30 kilometers from Dainichi-ji, 28 th temple
Capacity (maximum number of guests): 10
Facilities: a shower, a toilet, a toaster and a wi-fi, ※There is no washing machine.
Specialities: You can have a local special dish called Chirimen(Dried Young White Sardines)-Ball at a shopping centre called Michi-no-Eki, Oyama, on Tosa Higashi Road in our neighbourhood (8:30am~6:00pm(from April to September),8:30am~5:00pm(from October to March))
Notes: Please clean the room in your own in leaving the House.
We may guide women to nearby Henro House by the situation.
Reservations on the day may be declined..
Shops Nearby: There is a shopping Centre called Michi-no-Eki within 5 minutes’ walk from the House.
Reservation: By 1 pm on the day of arrival
Check-In: From 4 pm
Check-Out: By 9 am


Blue:Yes Vacancy|Yellow:No Vacancy|Gray:Holiday

* The number in the calendar is the number of people who can stay.