Aki City, Kochi

To Reserve

Accommodation Plan: Stay overnight without meals
Accommodation Fee: ¥2,600 in cash only.
Address: 1393-8 Shimoyama Aki City, Kochi
Phone number: We will inform you by reception mail.
Access: 15 minutes’ walk from Shimoyama Station on Tosa Kuroshio Railway or 0 minute from a bus stop, Kono Higashi Iriguchi of Kochi Tobu Kotsu Bus
Nearest Numbered Temple: 8 kilometers from Konomine-ji 27 th temple or 30 kilometers from Dainichi-ji, 28 th temple
Capacity (maximum number of guests): 10
Facilities: washing machine, microwave oven, iron, hairdryer, bath towel, wi-fi.
Nearby parking lot: available
Specialities: You can have a local special dish called Chirimen(Dried Young White Sardines)-Ball at a shopping centre called Michi-no-Eki, Oyama, on Tosa Higashi Road in our neighbourhood (8:30am~6:00pm(from April to September),8:30am~5:00pm(from October to March))
Guests see the sea and could see a sunset mirage which looks like Dharma (legendary dedicated monk), so called Omega Sun.
Notes: The house can pick you up at the parking lot of Drive-In 27 or the nearest station (Shimoyama Station). (Reservation required / free)
Shops Nearby: There is a shopping Centre called Michi-no-Eki within 5 minutes’ walk from the House.

Reservation: By 1 pm on the day of arrival
Check-In: From 4 pm
Check-Out: By 9 am


Blue:Yes Vacancy|Yellow:No Vacancy|Gray:Holiday

* The number in the calendar is the number of people who can stay.